Project Proposals for project period May to September 2011

Development of new computing services by the computing staff is scheduled in project periods (three per year). The next project period starts in May 2011 and the process of prioritising which projects will be resourced starts now (mid March).

Please add your proposed project to the following table, completing the Title, Description and Proposer fields. You may wish to create a new wiki topic for your description. If you wish to lend support for an existing project, add your name to the Supporter(s) field. Computing staff may respond to the proposals in the Computing staff comments field.

Title Description Proposer Supporter(s) Computing staff comments
Webform for reporting on 4th year project meetings The webform would allow the project group leader to rate each studnent's progress, provide a short comment, and indicate posssible problems. It would be automatically generated with students names (this information is in the project database) and the relevant comment for each student would be sent to the student, the student's DOS and supervisor, and the project organiser. This would replace the current system of emails which have then somehow have to have inconsistent data extraced from them and somehow collated. I have previously proposed this over the past two years, but been told it was not possible then. It would really help is keep better track of progress, and provide better information for supervisors, DOS's and students, and the project organiser. Helen Pain

Previously discussed with Graham Dutton and Neil McGillivray - think they would support it in principle. Those academic staff I have informally mentioned this to have though it would be helpful. I am currently gathering feedback from staff on this.

I'd like to add my support to this (Alan Bundy). Note that we need a mechanism for drafting, amending and approving drafts that all supervisors can engage in.

This functionality is to be provided as a part of Project 205 --gdutton
Virtualised DICE image Investigate how we could deliver a virtualised DICE platform ( MPU unit    
Install scripts for self-managed machines Investigate install scripts for self-managed machines ( MPU unit    
Package repository mirroring Automated upstream package repository mirroring ( MPU unit    
Power savings for desktops Investigate potential for further power savings for desktops ( MPU unit    
Simple KVM service Simple KVM based virtualisation service ( MPU unit    
SL6 MPU upgrade SL6 upgrade for MPU services ( MPU unit    
School Database Revamp: Phase 2B Moving ITO ( RAT Unit ITO: Statement of support by ISS for ongoing committment to work on Theon and Related Systems (PDF)  
School Database Extensions: Admin Placeholder - description to follow with project link RAT Unit

To be scoped for the next project block (Sep-Dec)

Continued support for the School Database will be essential for augmenting centrally supplied knowledge management systems with the otherwise unsupported needs of the School, i.e., we will need to download data from the central systems then manipulate it within our DB (Alan Bundy).

Coltex Revamp Collaborative LaTeX System - Remedial Work (

RAT Unit

Individual statements of support from staff are on the Project Feedback Page.  
SL6 Dice desktop Upgrade LCFG SL6 (inf) to DICE level (]]) RAT Unit    
SL6 RAT Packages Port RAT packages to SL6 ( RAT Unit    
Course in a Box (Implementation) Generate web pages as required from evaluation process ( RAT Unit ITO  
Webmark Reform Enhancements to Webmark ( RAT Unit IGS/ITO: Statement of support by ISS for ongoing committment to work on Theon and Related Systems (PDF)  
Teaching Software Framework System for managing course software requirements ( RAT Unit    
Large File Distribution Distributing large files across DICE ( RAT Unit    
UG4/MSc Projects Database Revamp Re-factor back-end and integrate with Theon ( RAT Unit ITO: Statement of support by ISS for ongoing committment to work on Theon and Related Systems (PDF)  
Tutor Allocation Management Web forms supporting new tutor allocation process ( RAT Unit ITO: Statement of support by ISS for ongoing committment to work on Theon and Related Systems (PDF)  
Push R&T Packages Upstream Push our local packaging upstream ( RAT Unit    
DevProj Improvements Review/Revise DevProj System and process ( RAT Unit    
Review roles mechanism ( US Unit    
Inventory improvement provide an automated inventory solution that will monitor and track items accurately ( US Unit    
Introduce UniDesk as Incident Management Tool The University has replaced their previous Call Management System with UniDesk - we should consider also moving to UniDesk ( US Unit    
Drupal WCMS Introduction of Drupal as the new commodity WCMS ( Services Unit    
AFS Automation Develop tools to automate various AFS tasks ( Services Unit    
TiBS component Improvements to the exist TiBS component ( Services Unit    
AFS Benchmarking Develop tool for AFS performance benchmarking ( Services Unit    
Bug Tracking Tool Improved Bug Tracking Tool ( Services Unit    
apacheconf port Port websites using apache component to apacheconf ( Services Unit    
Migrate to central wiki Port School Wiki content to central Confluence service ( Services Unit    
Reorganise AFS data Better redistribute our AFS data for better load balancing, performance ( Services Unit    
ERA Integration Investigate how best to make use of the contents of ERA (or the new PURE) within the School ( Services Unit    
Mail lists to Central Service Migration of existing Mailing Lists to Central Service ( Services Unit    
Data Archiving How best to meet the School's requirements for archiving data ( Services Unit    
New Events system Introduction/Integration of new event management system ( Services Unit    
Enable Prometheus account lifecycle system Enable the account lifecycle code. This will give us the ability to properly manage the user account lifecycle so accounts can be archived and subsequently deleted. ( Infrastructure Unit    
Prometheus enhancements This project gathers together prometheus development work which didn't happen as part of the main prometheus project.( Infrastructrure Unit    
KDC rekey For security reasons, we need to move away from using single-DES keys in our KDCs ( Infrastructure Unit    
Upgrade to OpenLDAP 2.4 Our LDAP servers are running OpenLDAP 2.3. This is no longer being actively developed or supported by the openldap community. 2.4.x has reached 2.4.23 and appears stable and reliable so we should upgrade our servers accordingly. ( Infrastructure Unit    
Install AT3/4/5 network upgrade This follows on from DevProj #173 and #191, and is to install the new switches which were specified and procured by those two projects. ( Infrastructure Unit    
SL6 inf-unit initial platform work inf-unit work for SL6 development/desktop platform ( Infrastructure Unit    
SL6 inf-unit server platform work Additional inf-unit work for SL6 server platform ( Infrastructure Unit    
Monitoring system enhancements Sundry enhancements and upgrades to the nagios-based monitoring system ( Infrastructure Unit    
Enhance wallet system to support keytabs Our "wallet" key and certificate store has the capability to store and distribute kerberos keytabs. This enhancement would enable this. ( Infrastructure Unit    

If a project is considered to be feasible, a member of computing staff will contact the proposer in order to flesh out the proposal (eg outline a plan of work, cost the project etc) in order that the project proposal can be prioritised against other projects.

The deadline for submitting a project for this period is 28th March 2011.

-- AlastairScobie - 16 Mar 2011

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