Forum AV suggested improvements (2011)

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  • Make the 4.31 AV podium movable, using an umbilical cord as in G.07 (ascobie, supported by Perdita)
  • Improve the appalling acoustics in G.03, e.g., with some kind of sound baffle (bundy; seconded by Simon King on behalf of everyone in CSTR; fully supported by Colin Matheson, likewise by Don Sannella).
  • Improve the RHS projector in G.07 (the dark side). It's been fixed once, but has reverted (bundy).
  • A couple of long VGA leads would be helpful, allowing people to stay seated while multiple presentations are being made (Colin Matheson) I agree totally with the idea of longer VGA cables but some of the ones put out previously have disappeared. How about ensuring that one long VGA cable plus a couple of TP leads are kept in the admin office on each floor so that they can be booked out. (Alison)
  • Every podium that contains a computer (all of them?) should have clear instructions for how to use it (Don Sannella, supported by Perdita)
  • Every room with a data projector should have clear instructions for how to use it (Don Sannella, supported by Perdita)
  • Rooms with complicated light switches, for instance G.07, should have clear instructions saying what the switches do (Don Sannella, supported by Perdita)
  • Some of the smaller rooms could do with a wooden stick, instead of the laser pointers that if present tend to fail halfway through, do not have working batteries, or require prior explanation. (Andras Salamon supported by David Sterratt)
  • Some way to stop anyone (presumably accidentally) leaving themselves logged in but with a screenlock active on one of the computers in the AV podiums, since that stops anyone else using it until we get CSO intervention. Set those machines to log user out after a period of inactivity, instead of locking the screen? Don't see a good reason for anyone ever to screenlock such a machine deliberately. (Perdita)
  • Longer cables on the keyboards attached to DICE machines in the podiums so they can be put on tables, or wireless keyboards. (Tim)
  • Make all podiums free-moving. Even if we convert one per semester, we will eventually fix the problem. (npt, John Hewson)
  • Activate/fix audio recording capability in G07 and G03. Currently, the only way to capture audio is to bring in an entire suite of external equipment, which isn't always feasible. (Ramamoorthy)
  • Organise a session to show people how to use the Smart boards. I get the impression that they are not used much, and this might be because people don't want to spend time working out how to use them. A training session might lower the barrier to using them. (David Sterratt).
  • I've noticed that in G.07 that the position of the podium forces the speakers to stand on the far left-hand side, meaning that everybody looks at the left screen, even those on the right-hand side of the room. I saw this a lot at the (very busy) ACM-BCS Visions event last year. What is really needed is a single large screen (as it is difficult to read slides even halfway back in the room) - probably not a cheap suggestion. A low cost alternative: perhaps if the podium was moved to the centre of the (front of the) room, between the two screens, those on the right of the room might be saved the neck-twisting and inevitable squinting at the left-hand screen? (John Hewson)
  • Better provisions for altering lighting in rooms with AV. There are often ceiling lights shining directly above (and onto) projector screens, or windows letting light directly onto screens (particularly internal windows onto the atrium - 4.31). Would it be possible to remove the bulbs in lights which shine directly onto screens, or to put up clear instructions on the podium on how to turn them off/on? Likewise for blinds.(John Hewson)
  • Provide powered loud speakers in G.03 (Rob Clark (indirectly))
  • Advertised knowledge of what frequencies are being used by the radio mics in the building. A notice on the door of AV closet where the receivers are would be sufficient if it was kept up to date. (Rob Clark)

-- AlastairScobie - 28 Jan 2011

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