Computing Strategy Group Meeting, JCMB Room 2511, 18th July 2007 14:00

Present: S. Renals (chair), P. Anderson, K. Dawson, A. Scobie, S. Gardner (minutes)

Agenda Items

1. Development of Informatics Computing Strategy

There was a wide-ranging discussion on how CSG should formulate a framework for developing computing strategy for Informatics. A number of mechanisms were suggested and it was decided to further the discussion at the next meeting once S. Renals and A. Scobie had produced a first draft computing strategy document to be tabled at that time.

ACTION: S Renals, A Scobie

2. Kenway Review Phase II

There was a brief discussion on the Kenway Review and general agreement with many of the recommendations. However, there would be some circumstances where the use of central services would not be advantageous to Informatics e.g. the use of EUCS network instead of our own.

3. Web Content Management Systems

A. Scobie reported that a server had been purchased for this and that money was available for staff training. S. Renals asked that the item be kept on the agenda to see how things develop.

4. Research Computing

  • S.Renals to meet with Fiona McGregor and Tim Colles next week to discuss HCRC trial of a new research support proposal. This will entail greater interaction between researchers and computing at the grant application stage, in those cases where significant computing effort is required.

5. Keeping Institutes in Loop

Item deferred until M. Boyle and S. Anderson can attend.

6. Support for Collaborative Research

David Aspinall's paper prompted a discussion on levels of service and costs. It is hoped that by next year, there will be identifiable thresholds for different levels of service. S. Renals suggested that services based on recharge should be expanded e.g. the Adobe Connect Server purchased by HCRC could be used by other parts of the School. Currently, recharge is costed at 150GBP per RA per month but not all Institutes pay this. It was proposed to halve this amount for this year and review the figure after the move to the new building. S. Renals will take the proposal to the Head of School.

ACTION: S Renals

7. Move to Staffmail

Computing Staff had been using Staffmail with no significant problems although there is only a 2GB quota. The next stage will be to persuade selected PRC members to move across.

Date of Next Meeting

Wednesday 15th August 2007, 14:00, BP Seminar Room

The meeting closed at 15:55

-- SheilaGardner - 07 Aug 2007

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