1. Minutes and matters arising
  2. Date and time of next meeting
  3. Web aliasing issue passed on from project prioritisation meeting.
  4. Student survey.
  5. Task force re computing support for teaching (VLEs, submit system,
    etc.): is it in progress, does it have the right remit, what to do
  6. Control of our data, including code: how to ensure we don't lose stuff
    when someone leaves
  7. AOCB



Paul Anderson
Dave Robertson
Alastair Scobie
Perdita Stevens


Ian Stark (and deputy, Michael Rovatsos)

1. Minutes and matters arising

The minutes were approved.


Actions left over from the previous meeting done, except: for the request for Stuart to ask Gill to run a task group about student portfolios and PLEs, which after discussion with Ian seems to be ill-specified. See agenda for next meeting.

Actions from the June 19th meeting done except:

  • email to staff re laptops had been drafted but remained to be sent, awaiting details of laptop selection and decision on how to ask staff to specify. Remaining action: AS to let PS know when details available, PS to run final draft past DR and send out. [Action still needed; DONE]
  • PS had put usecases on wiki, but noone had added more. Please do. It was suggested that we should also ask Simon King to contribute. [Action still needed; DONE]

Matters arising: none

2. Date and time of next meeting

10-12 Tuesday 18th December (pending agreement from IS, now given)

AP PS to book room and announce.[DONE]

3. Web aliasing issue passed on from project prioritisation meeting

The issue is whether we should provide a mechanism for people, especially students, to have home pages that incorporate their names rather than student numbers, as this is felt to give a more professional impression. We discussed the issue. Conclusion: we sympathise, but the implications for managing the global name space for such pages seem difficult enough to outweigh the benefit available from doing so. We recommend students consider services such as tinyurl's custom alias service that would allow e.g. to point to the university home page, if they wish to avoid asking people to type the string of numbers that is their student id.

4. Student survey.

We discussed the recent survey of how students use computing equipment. There were no huge surprises. There are pros and cons to the observation that a high proportion of student computing work is now done at home on students' own machines. Some students have difficulty setting up DICE sessions; the documentation project (now managed by AS) should help here. It would be interesting to have statistics of machine use from out computing labs, but this might be tricky as we would have to exclude times when an entire lab is booked (so there can be free machines that are not, in fact, available to students who would like to use them). Disk quota for undergraduates has recently been increased. Students would like there to be more power sockets for their laptops; this is being investigated (by whom?)

5. Task group.

Not discussed, in IS's absence.

6. Control of our data.

It occasionally happens that we lose access to, or have difficulty recovering, information that is needed by the School because a member of staff has it on a personal machine or a non-University version control system and then leaves or changes duties. Staff should ensure that if they fell under the proverbial bus, information they control was available to the people who needed it. There are a variety of ways to do this that are appropriate to different kinds of data, and we would not want to be overly prescriptive. AP: PS to mail staff. (DONE)


None. -- PerditaStevens - 20 Sep 2012

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