of meeting held 31st August 2016, Turing Room.

Present: Tim Colles, Bjoern Franke, Jane Hillston, Alastair Scobie, Perdita Stevens, Martin Wright

Apologies: Johanna Moore

Minutes and matters arising

  • It would be a good idea to invite Kerry to research lunch to talk about research data. Action: AS to give her address to JEH, JEH to invite. DONE
  • SDP: Barbara Webb and JEH are taking this on. The task may be involve an obstacle course. They will be brainstorming on Monday.
  • BoE marks: action overtaken by events, remove. TC checked very carefully this year!
  • DICE desktop review: postponed for (AS) personal reasons. The group will be: AS, PS, BF, Adam Lopez, someone from RAT (TC to nominate) Action: meet in October (but we did not, partly because PS was busy). MEETING SCHEDULED

Cost recovery on grants

IS apparently want a line for a small research facility on each grant, JEH says about 500pa, under Directly Allocated. It's not clear, though, why this will work better than the SRIF we tried for DICE. Will it give us problems for funding our computing staff? We would like some definitive statement that this is allowable, so that proposers can point reviewers at it and hopefully not get proposals marked down on cost effectiveness because of it.

Actions: AS and JEH to send comments to Tony Weir, and JEH can bring up at Research Committee. DONE

Old backup tapes, retention/destruction of

We have a historical problem because of a past lack of a clear statement on what such tapes were for. Now it is clear that this is backup not archiving, so things go after a year. IS are aiming to provide, and we very much want, a data archiving service (but they are only targeting research data at present which is only part of what we want). We have old DAI tapes some of which may have been thought of as archives and so are queasy about just throwing them out; but some have just server and partition names on them, so working out what is really on each tape would be a huge amount of work for uncertain benefit. Possible action: mail staff saying that we plan to throw this stuff out, asking them to shout if they don't want that to happen, but with the understanding that shouting entails willingness to devote effort to investigating.

Action: AS to discuss with Craig. DONE

What about ongoing archiving?

Action: AS to check what we were going to do and make sure we have a clear policy. DONE

Forum self-managed server room

Is almost full (half a rack left). We need a policy. Proposal: annual review, with a case to be made by the owner of each machine each year, if it is to be kept beyond its original intended life (typically the length of the grant that purchased it). Perhaps this may prompt people to retire machines they can't justify keeping, but if this doesn't solve the problem decisions will have to be taken by Johanna.

Some of these machines have firewall holes, some of which are justified.

Action: AS to circulate a draft policy, and take it with any revisions to Research Committee in November.POLICY DONE: to go to RC for info Feb17


Small devices (phones etc.). We could make better use of these with a proper lending system. JEH has talked to MW and Julie and agreed that they go to a cupboard with sign out/sign in managed by Level 3 Admin. What happens to outdated stuff? AS says we can't sell it, but does not see a problem with gifting it (to students, to the Turing Trust?) The University has a contract with CCL that takes and recycles stuff. AS wants to be told about anything with a value of greater than 5k.

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