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of CSG held 1pm-2pm on Wednesday 15th October.

Present: Tim Colles, Johanna Moore, Alastair Scobie, Perdita Stevens, Colin Stirling

Apologies: Mike Fourman, Neil McGillivray

Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising

There had been an unrecorded action on AS to refer the issue of home pages for departed people to Web Strategy Group; he had done this.

Otherwise fine; all actions had been done, except that AS has not yet invited Kerry Miller to come and present because we are still awaiting resolution of technical issues, and it makes more sense to do this after the resolution. Postponed.

Date and time of next meeting

will be done by Doodle, as not all members were present.

College Security Action Plan (AS)

We discussed the documents found at https://www.wiki.ed.ac.uk/x/JohNDg on which SciCOs , including AS, have been asked to comment. Apparently, the "Action Plan" has been agreed by Dave Robertson as then-HoS. We found it generally sensible but had concerns about the vagueness of, and impracticality of some interpretations of, 4.1. The implementation plan and proposed letter from heads of school need revision to make clear the the University claims no authority over employees' personal devices that they do not ever use to store University data or access University services. AS will feed back individually, not (at this stage) on behalf of the school

CDT equipment management and policy implications (AS)

The CDTs have been successful in bidding for money to buy (not to pay maintenance costs for) some equipment (a compute cluster; a smaller cluster with GPGPUs; two large-memory machines). Murray Cole and Charles Sutton report that the students and staff using the equipment will want very flexible access to them, because they are studying the computation, not just computing results. They would like them to be managed them at Informatics, rather than at ECDF. This gives us greater flexibility, but costs us some computing staff time (how much depends on exactly what is done). There might be energy cost implications, favouring having them in Informatics because at ECDF we would immediately pay for the energy use whereas here we only pay once energy costs are devolved, and we (still) don't know when that will be. It would be good to consult with ECDF over procurement at least to see whether that could get better value for the money, but timing is crucial as the machines have to be operational very soon (by March at the latest?)

Action: TC to talk to Murray and Charles, and see whether it's feasible with an acceptably small amount of computing staff time cost to go ahead with hosting these machines at Informatics.


JM asked about whether Informatics staff are to be moved to Office 365. As far as we (or Arthur Trew, following recent enquiry) know, no. CCITC will hear more at its next meeting. Our objections to this would be as strong as before.

AS asked whether we should have a student rep on CSG. PS thought not: no one student would be able to represent all students' interests better than DoT , and it's helpful to keep the group small.

CPS reported that students find the resolution of monitors in the computing labs annoyingly low and would like the monitors replaced. We agreed that this needs to be done, gradually, and (Action:) AS will put it into the planning round which is about to start.

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