Present: Jim Bednar, Tim Colles, Liz Elliot (part), Neil McGillivray , Dave Robertson, Alastair Scobie, Perdita Stevens

Minutes of previous meeting, actions, matters arising

The minutes were accepted. Actions had been done except for:

Action: PS and NMcG : write grant decommissioning process for use by portfolio managers (now DONE)

Matters arising: next stop for So you're teaching a course is

Action: MR, NMcG , PS: get this finalised and added to Teaching web pages, somewhere sensible.

Date and time of next meeting

We provisionally set 5th March 2014 as the date of the next meeting (but later changed this to 13th March).


We discussed our current experience of ECDF and our expectations and hopes for its future. The current charging model, under which we pay for roughly 30% of ECDF but do not use that much, ends 31/7/14. Even though we pay for more than we use, our charge has gone down. We do not budget for any contribution after that date. We may expect the charging model to be discussed at CSMC at some point. We would prefer it to be free at the point of use, funded by some form of top-slicing. Nothing more to be done for now.

Research data storage and management

We briefly discussed the progress of this project and how research groups and individuals appear. The charging model has yet to be agreed. We have some concern about the feasibility of running AFS on top of GPFS; a current project is looking at this. An alternative is that we get a carved-out chunk of the storage? Nothing more to be done for now.

Visibility of progress on development projects/project proposals

We all agreed that it needs to be easier for people (in all roles) to understand how proposals for projects they are interested in are progressing, and once a project has started, how the project is progressing. Tim has ideas about this.

ACTION: TC, AS, PS to discuss. (DONE)



-- PerditaStevens - 30 Oct 2013

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