Speak! speech synthesis meeting (2009-2010).

The purpose of these regular informal meetings is to discuss and share progress relating to speech synthesis research within CSTR.

Anybody with an interest in speech synthesis (audio and visual) research is welcome.

* Meetings will typically be held in the Instrumented Meeting Room (IF Level3 W), but this may vary on odd occasions. The current time for meeting is Thursdays at 4pm for an hour.

2009/2010 schedule

28.09.09 Progress report: Matthew
08.10.09 Discussion of Interspeech papers(1) (see suggested papers attached below)
15.10.09 Discussion to identify which Interspeech papers to look at
22.10.09 Progress report: Sebastian
29.10.09 Averaging in statistical parametric synthesis: 2 Interspeech papers (IS090420.pdf and IS090714.PDF)
05.11.09 Progress report: Leonardo
12.11.09 Progress report: Junichi
19.11.09 Interspeech papers: Drugman et al. - Deterministic plus stochastic model for synthesis(IS090519.pdf)
26.11.09 (meeting postponed 1 week - absences)
03.12.09 Progress report: Michael
10.12.09 Progress report: Korin

Christmas break
21.01.10 Grant proposal for f0 modelling in statistical parametric synthesis (Volker)
28.01.10 Update on lip synching experiments using Lips Challenge data - some early results (Korin + Gregor)
04.02.10 (no meeting)
11.02.10 Discussion of Bellegarda Interspeech 2009 paper (Dynamic cost weighting in unit selection: new-cw_bellegarda_is09.pdf)
18.02.10 Progress report: Oliver
25.02.10 Demo session for Nick Campbell
04.03.10 Progress report: Angeliki
11.03.10 Visit/demo from Camel Audio (Harmonic-plus-noise models for analysis/synthesis/manipulation of musical instruments and voices)
18.03.10 Progress report: Sebastian
25.03.10 (no meeting - avoiding clash with Informatics Research Programme on Machine Learning meeting)
01.04.10 Drugman et al. Interspeech 2009 paper on Complex cepstrum-based speech decomposition
08.04.10 Progress report: Matthew
15.04.10 Progress report: Junichi
22.04.10 (no meeting)
29.04.10 (no meeting - Interspeech deadline!)
06.05.10 (no meeting - HCRC reunion talks)
13.05.10 Bayesian HMM-based speech synthesis, an introduction to the work of current visitor to CSTR Kei
20.05.10 (no meeting - many absences)
27.05.10 Final report on Attaca project: Volker
03.06.10 Progress report: Gregor
10.06.10 meeting cancelled
17.06.10 Rob (TBA)
24.06.10 Progress report: Mirjam - presentation of 2 interspeech 2010 papers: "Degree of perceived foreign accent by native and non-native raters" and "Cross-lingual talker discrimination"
01.07.10 Assistive Communication - Maria
08.07.10 Progress report: Korin
15.07.10 Hiroshi (TBA)
22.07.10 Progress report: Michael
26.08.10 Simon - SSW talk preview

Suggested Papers from Interspeech 2009 conference:

  • IS090519.pdf: Drugman et al. Interspeech2009 paper (Glottal source modelling for HMM TTS - Korin)

  • IS090420.pdf: Shiga, Y. Interspeech2009 paper (Spectral representation for HMM TTS - Korin)

  • IS090423.pdf: Chládková et al. Interspeech2009 paper (How F0 affects F1 - Korin)
  • brain-to-speech_bru_is09.pdf: Brumberg et al. Interspeech (Brain-to-Speech - Junichi, Leonardo)
  • new-cw_bellegarda_is09.pdf: Bellegarda Interspeech 2009 (Dynamic cost weighting in unit selection - Leonardo)
  • Observation of empirical cumulative distribution of vowel spectral distances and its application to vowel based voice conversion, Kawahara et al (Simon)
  • HMM-based Speaker Characteristics Emphasis Using Average Voice Model, Nose et al (Simon)
  • IS090475.pdf: Drugman et al. complex cepstrum-based speech decomposition

other suggestions for meeting topics:

  • Statistical Text-to-Speech Synthesis with Improved Dynamics. Stas Tiomkin, David Malah; Technion IIT, Israel. Proc Interspeech 2008

  • Tomoki Toda's work on voice conversion using less than one sentence of speech

  • The Expression and Perception of Emotions: Comparing Assessments of Self versus Others Carlos Busso, Shrikanth S. Narayanan; University of Southern California, USA. In Proc. Interspeech 2008

  • Scripted Dialogs versus Improvisation: Lessons Learned About Emotional Elicitation Techniques from the IEMOCAP Database Carlos Busso, Shrikanth S. Narayanan; University of Southern California, USA. In Proc. Interspeech 2008

  • ZZT transform (Dutoit's student thesis) - IEEE journal paper (ACTION ON Matthew to find this paper)

  • Papers from ISCSLP 2008 (ACTION ON Junichi to look at this)

-- Main.korin - 31 Jan 2011

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