ML, PB reporting what they've done since last time - Have been working on ROTK - the central organisation tool for configuring modules etc - got it to the stage of running enough so that a module run-mod job can be written and run. One simple module has been so configured and written (CMM / CMK?)

python script for job submission written.

Discussion of if Caldi? can fit into the framework.

SR - proposing generating files from a common database rather than ROTK model to enforce consistency.

SR / AG - can ROTK be simplified? Yes there are some things that can be trimmed but at the modular level it's not over-complicated.

Pavel - proposes XML files to declare which models to run. Not very different to existing process which parses config files. SR - how difficult would it be to change to an XML approach. The only ROTK-specific thing in the new system is the fact it uses .dal files - but these are just file lists. Could be swapped for XML / database if required, though perhaps overkill. The other thing that's specified are job dependencies though that's not yet implemented in the new system.

Work going into SVN.

-- JonathanKilgour - 04 Nov 2011

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