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ATK Socket Interface

The atk socket version is placed at:


This setup works with the speech streaming from the Tracter VST plugin on the Mac Laptop.

The changes in the atk1.6 functions and additional functions written are documented in the software.

Current Issues

  1. The server i/p address and the port number are hard coded at the moment in HSocket.c in the function InitSocket (). Using the HTK functionality to read in configuration parameters for reading the HSOCKET parameters leads to a segmentation fault. Need to fix this bug.
  2. The speech streaming from the eigen mike is at a sampling rate of 44.1 KHz, while the models are trained on 16KHz waveforms. To overcome this, the SOURCERATE has been set 227 (approx 1/44.1KHz in 100nSec time units). It is actually 226.75736. Approximation to 227 will lead to a loss in synchrony after some time.
  3. Once in a while, there is no speech streaming from EigenMike. Instead it outputs some kind of buzz sound. Dont know the exact cause. It is easy to detect this when running ATK by looking at the observation features window. A symmetric pattern will be displayed warranting a check. Closing bidule and opening it again resolves this issue.
  4. The recognition accuracy using speech from EigenMike is not good at the moment. Need to investigate the cause. By looking at the display of the Observation features and comparing with those from normal mike, there seems to be a mismatch. Need to play around with different volume levels for the eigen mike.
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