Probabilistic Inference Group (PIGS) - Archive

Academic Year 2014-2015

Jun 29: Pol

Markov Chain Monte Carlo and Variational Inference: Bridging the Gap Tim Salimans, Diederik. P. Kingma and Max Welling

Jun 15: George

Just-In-Time Learning for Fast and Flexible Inference S. M. Ali Eslami, D. Tarlow, P. Kohli and J. Winn

Jun 8: Rich Caruana (invited speaker)

High-Accuracy Intelligible Models for HealthCare .

Jun 1: Cancelled (NIPS deadline)

May 18: Cancelled

May 4: Sohan

Scalable methods for nonnegative matrix factorizations of near-separable tall-and-skinny matrices A.R. Benson, J.D. Lee, B. Rajwa, F. Gleich

Apr 20: Matt

Chris J. Maddison, Daniel Tarlow, and Tom Minka. A* Sampling. Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems. 2014. (paper)(NIPS oral session video)

Mar 23: Jinli

Identifying and attacking the saddle point problem in high-dimensional non-convex optimization Yann N. Dauphin et al.

Mar 9: Zhanxing

Bayesian Sampling Using Stochastic Gradient Thermostats Nan Ding

Feb 23: Konstantinos

Modeling Deep Temporal Dependencies with Recurrent Grammar Cells

Vincent Michalski, Roland Memisevic, Kishore Konda

Feb 9: Iain

Stochastic Variational Inference

Matthew D. Hoffman, David M. Blei, Chong Wang, John Paisley

Jan 26: NIPS 2014 review

Krzysztof: Do Deep Nets Really Need to be Deep? Jimmy Ba, Rich Caruana

Amos: Generative Adversarial Nets Ian J. Goodfellow et al.

Gavin: Spectral Methods Meet EM: A Provably Optimal Algorithm for Crowdsourcing Zhang, Yuchen, et al.

Pol: Learning Generative Models with Visual Attention Yichuan Tang et al.

Jinli: Factoring Variations in Natural Images with Deep Gaussian Mixture Models Aaron van den Oord, Benjamin Schrauwen

Chris: Sequence to sequence learning with neural networks Sutskever, Vinyals, Le

Yichuan: A Multiplicative Model for Learning Distributed Text-Based Attribute Representations Kiros, et al.

Jari: Unsupervised Transcription of Piano Music Berg-Kirkpatrick et al.

Jan 12: Dr Mike Smith (visitor talk, Makerere University), Title: Informatics in a Developing Country (Pollution, Traffic and Malaria)

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