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Please sign up for MLPR Tutorials

TUTORIALS START Monday 26 January.

PLEASE KEEP NUMBERS BALANCED. Don't add yourself to an already long list. You won't fit it the room, and you won't learn anything.

Please put your name and student number down against a tutorial. Please limit numbers to 13 per tutorial. In addition please list the other tutorial slots you can make by number. If you are late and find the tutorial slots you can make are all full, then you need to contact one of the people who said they could make a different available slot and arrange to swap with them. Please make sure you get your student number right. Only list yourself once. To edit, click Edit in the top left. Please ensure you do not edit anything except adding your name. Do not edit if someone else is, but do edit quickly and leave so that you do not lock the wiki editing function.

e.g. Add

Mike Barnes (can also make slots 1,4,5)

This must be done by Friday 23 Jan.

Signup sheet.

Note: ITO seems to have its own list.

Yes - Ignore that - it is missing many of the slots, and some people will not be able to make those slots.

  • *Slot 0: Mon 2.00-2.50 AT 5.07

  • *Slot 1: Mon 1.05-1.55 AT 5.07 Andrew Dai (A.Dai@sms)

Zach Thomas 0452529

Alfred Mazimbe, s0677189. Can also make thursdays

Makrymallis Antonios, s0897366

Iain Whiteside, s0569509

Aris Valtazanos, 0566900. Can also make slots 2,3,4.

Thomas von Bomhard, 0880679.

Alfredo Kalaitzis, 0895796.

Konstantina Palla, 0895820. Can also make slots 2, 4.

  • *Slot2: Tues 1.05-1.55 AT 5.07 Jakub Piatkowski (s0677349@sms)

Philipp Petrenz, 0895822 *Wed 1.05-1.55 AT 5.07 Srikanth Sundaram, 0897252

Daniel Harvey, 0899552 (Can make Friday too)

Matthieu Chassot, 0898667

Dominik Grewe, 0898672

Carsten Eickhoff, 0899249

Stephane Clery, 0897916

Nicolas Greffard,0898342

Giulio Meneghin, 0897690

Helen Ramsden, 0898676 (can also make Friday)

Chris Muktar, 0897467

Sean Moran, s0894398 (can also make Tuesday and Friday)

Suhao Qi, s0898717

Maciej Nowakowski, s0570113 (can make any other slot as well)

Dominik Glodzik, s0566837 (all other slots ok too)

Javier Kreiner, 0898551

Sigthor Bjarnason, s0899529

Sam Corbett, 0564065. Can make all other times.

Evelina Overlingaite, s0454667

Papanikolaou Amalia, s0899733

Joseph Bain, 0564071

Barbara Majecka, s0675480

Eduardo Martin-Moraud, s0896801

Ken Dowsett, s0452342

Alastair Kilpatrick, s0346082

Seyed Mohammadali Eslami, s0570728. Can also make slot 1.

Benjamin Rosman, s0896970

Peter Orchard, s0894310

Xudong He, s0897822

Grigoris Sotiropoulos, s0563640

Dimitrios Milios, s0897368

Anastasios Polymeros, s0896805

Atanas Laskov, 0894925.

Brigham Marco, s0897208

Aciel Eshky, s0894218

Kalliopi Tingilidou, 0896144.Can also make slot 5.

  • * Slot 5: Fri 1.05-1.55 AT 5.07 Ana Cristina da Costa e Silva (s0568318@sms)

Radomir Cernoch, s0898853

Xarius Desai, s0569346 (Can also make slot Tuesday)

James Adwick, s0568558

Pavel Petchko, s0898314

Chris Mackie, s0897001 (Can also make slots 1,2 and 4)

Kleanthis Xenofontos (s0897542) can do thursday as well.

Ioannis Pavlopoulos, s0791578

Katrien Beuls, s0895957

Avinash Ranganath, s0894931 [Can also make it on Thursday.]

Andreas Damianou, s0898548

Cen Zhe, Qiao, 0894311. Can also make the Thursday slot

Zhenwei, He, 0898465.

Grozdev, Ivaylo, 0676296. Can also make Tue and Wed.

Ailun Yi, 0897881

John Hussey 0569669

Wenhong Li, s0787115

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