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Please sign up for LFD Tutorials

TUTORIALS START THURSDAY 4th October. SOME PEOPLE NEED TO MOVE OUT OF OVERSUBSCRIBED GROUPS. PLEASE BALANCE UP THE NUMBERS: Move yourself or contact others to get them to move (or agree to move). Don't add yourself to an already long list. You won't fit it the room, and you won't learn anything.

Please put your name and student number down against a tutorial. Please limit numbers to 12 per tutorial. In addition please list the other tutorial slots you can make by number. If you are late and find the tutorial slots you can make are all full, then you need to contact one of the people who said they could make a different available slot and arrange to swap with them. Please make sure you get your student number right. Only list yourself once. To edit, click Edit in the top left. Please ensure you do not edit anything except adding your name. Do not edit if someone else is, but do edit quickly and leave so that you do not lock the wiki editing function.

  • Slot 2: Monday 1500-1550 FH A23

This must be done by Thursday 27th September.


  • Slot 4: Jawday 10pm

Mark, Adams, s0987654, can also make 1,5,6.

Signup sheet.

  • Slot 1: Monday 1500-1550 AT 5.03

Panagiotis, Tsiatsis, s0681565, also available for 2, 4, 5

Markus, Mainberger, s0788035, (maybe available for 5, 6)

Fengyuan Hu, s0785401,

Guenola, Drillon, s0790131, also available 6,

Sigrun, Landet, s0782636, can also make 2, 6 and 7

Anisah, Ghoorah, s0788395, can also make 2, 3.

Petros Adamopoulos, s0793193, can also make 2, 3, 5 and 6

Simone Fulvio, Rollini, s0789315, can also make 2,6,7

Jason Narad, s0785756, can also make 2, 3.

Ioannis sarantidis, s0789012

Yuan Fang, s0789317

Marco von Arb, s0786188

Bin Zhong s0783500

  • Slot 2: Monday 1500-1550 AT 5.07

Ivailo Zhelev, s0452177, also available for 1,6,7

Richard Townsend, s0452401, also available for 1,6,7

Thomas Elder s0789506, also available for 1,4,7

Richard Evans s0451529, also available for 1

Michael Smith s0783410, also available for 1 or 6

Moreno Coco s0788806 also available for 1

SD. Ghosh s0785515 can also make 2,3

Ippei UKAI s0451815, all slots seem available for now

Xu Siwei s0789023, can also make 3, 4, 5

Mark Wilding, s0789021, can also make 1, 6, 7.

Ioannis Konstas (0793019)

Andrew Wiseman, s0233308, can also make 1, 3, 4, 6, 7

Joseph Sarre, s0451403, can also make 1, 3, 5, 6

  • Slot 3: Tuesday 1210-1300 AT 3.05

Alastair Crowe, s0342707, also available for 4,5,7.

Akinsola Temitope, s0787649 can make Friday Tutorial-Slot 9.

Bharat Babu Suvarna, s0787671

Andrew Marchant, s0681783

Ryan Corkery, s0671563

Giuseppe, Gallone, s0789227

Samantha, Lam, s0790004, can also make 4, 5

Sofia, Morfopoulou, s0789004, can also make 4, 7

Bradshaw, Bridget s0787226, can also make 4

Hasler, Eva s0787953, can also make 7

Scott, Phil s0785695, can also make 4

Xiaokai,Wu s0789020,can also make 4

Maria Politou, s0793327

Anil Chauhan , s0787285

  • Slot 4: Tuesday 1400-1450 AT 3.05

Ian, Hope, s0348327, maybe able to do Monday tutorials.

Richard Sylvester, s0453032, can also do the earlier one on this day.

Athina Spiliopoulou, s0789016, can also make 7

Rongzhou Shen, s0789549, can also make 5, 6

Carl Andersson, s0452925, can also make 3

Xiaoyang Yu, s0789434, can also make 8,9

Benjamin Damer, s0787660, can also make 8 and 9

Simon Jones, s0452468, can also make 3

Martin O'Reilly, s078249, can also make 3

Sandhya Prabhakaran, s0671562

Christopher, Huckvale, s0787217, can also make 3,5.

David Cumming s9459967. Sorry for late signup, I got deleted before.

Zhihao Ding s0790459, also available in slot 1,2,3

  • Slot 5: Wednesday 1400-1450 AT 5.03

Ognen Spiroski, s0678272, can also make 1, 2, 6 (maybe even 4)

Ali Afshar Dodson, s0787225

Donal Mulvihill, s0789005, can also make 3, 4, 8 and 9

Mathieu Oscar, s0788962

Sayak Mitra, s0786627

Reyes, Jorge. s0783280, Can also make 4.

Georgios Veioglanis, s0787548, can also make 7,8

Nezis Panagiotis, s0793094

Santosh Hiremat, s0787216

Julien Chaffraix, s0788170, can also make 7

Benjamin Black, 0458022 (can also make 3 or 4)

David Wark, 0457866 (can also make 3 or 4)

  • Slot 6: Thursday 1500-1550 AT 3.05

Da-Wei,Su ,s0783288 can also make 1,7

Hugh Pastoll s0782616. Can also make 1,2,7

Toriola, Olusegun s0457420. Can also make 1,3,4,8,9

Piljae Kim, s0787666, can also make 8,9

Josh Schroeder, s0685914, can also make 2,8,9.

Grishma Govani, s0789361, can also make 7,3

Robert Camilleri, s0788996, can also make 9

Edward Saunders s0452725, can also make 1, 2

Richard Tomsett, s0788954, can also make 1, 2, 4

Stuart Yarrow, s0786513, can also make 1, 2, or 7

Brent Kievit-Kylar, s0786479

Christos, Christodoulopoulos, s0787820, can also make 1,2,6.

  • Slot 7: Thursday 1610-1700 AT 3.03

Stephan Bisky, s0788992, might be able to make anything >3pm, dep. on wk.

Morfoula Fragkopoulou, s0783973, can also make 6.

Danyi Feng, s0792602

Lin Han, s0783761, can also make 1,2

Qing Xia,s0789435,also available for 1,2,6.

Michael Auli, s0453934, also available for 8, 9

Steve McDonagh , s0458953, also available for 6

Debbie Castellano, s0452672, also available for 1,2,4

Tomasz Krzyzelewski, s0677890, also available for 8 and 9.

Richard Clossick, s0791576, also available 3,5

Julien Firket, s0790747

Rafael Javier, s0680898

Ronny Wiegand, s0454039, can only make this one

  • Slot 8: Friday 1500-1550 AT 5.07

Robert Henderson, s0785751, can also make 3, 4, 5, and 9.

Neda Koci, s0677876, also available for 5

Matt Crosby, s0785677, can also make 4.

Vasilis Stamatopoulos, can also make 1,2,6,7.

Li, Wei, s0785909

Stelios Thrasyvoulou, can also make 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Peter Jones, s0790877, can also make 1,2,6,7,9.

Sandeep Kakani, s0787880

Vrisagotis Charalampos-Rafail, s0788238

Nikita Logachev, s0788836, can also make 4 and 5

Antonia Mayer, s0793238, can also make 4,5,6,7

Jason Blackwood, s0782612

  • Slot 9: Friday 1500-1550 AT 5.03

Stephan Bisky, s0788992

Akinsola Temitope s0787649

Panagiotis, Tsiatsis, s0681565

Ognen Spiroski, s0678272

Da-Wei,Su ,s0783288

Toriola Olusegun, s0457420

Ali Afshar Dodson, s0787225

Donal Mulvihill, s0789005

Bharat Babu Suvarna, s0787671

Ryan Corkery s0671563

Reyes, Jorge. s0783280

Mathieu Oscar, s0788962

Piljae Kim, s0787666

Robert Camilleri, s0788996

Georgios Veioglanis, s0787548

Tomasz Krzyzelewski, s0677890

Xiaoyang Yu, s0789434

Santosh Hiremath, s0787216

Christopher, Huckvale, s0787217

Julien Chaffraix, s0788170

Sayak Mitra, s0786627

Li, Wei, s0785909

Sigrun Landet, s0782636

Peter Jones, s0790877

Jason Blackwood, s0782612

Nikita Logachev, s0788836

Antonia Mayer, s0793238

Deborah Castellano, s0452672

Michael Auli, s0453934

Steve McDonagh , s0458953

Grishma Govani, s0789361

Zhihao Ding s0790459

SD Ghosh s0785515

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