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Great10 FAQ (Frequent =>0)

Where is all the data and code?

Our local matlab versions are at


Where is the presentation you gave?

It is (now) in the same place: GREAT10.ppt

After having discussed some details of the project with some of the other students we have some basic questions about the task. Since Jono is in the US, could we meet tomorrow in order to clarify them?

Please post Qs here for now as I too am away.

Can you please clarify for me what the quadrupole moments represent because I found some explanations and I am not very confident about them. I saw the code and I understood the way you calculate them but I want to be absolutely sure.

Please double check that the data you got is right (there was a period where the size features were not in the data set)


for a basic description.

You can recreate an equivalent covariance from this info, and hence recreate a basic Gaussian psf from the ellipticity.

The covariance has Q11 and Q22 on the diagonal and Q12 as the two off diagonal terms.

The data should contain the e1, e2 and size (Q11+Q22).

For a true psf model you should create a higher resolution model, where each pixel value is given by the psf and then downsample to give a fairly accurate psf. However time constraints may mean you end up just using the original resolution and not downsampling.

- AmosStorkey - 15 Jun 2011

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