Developmental Computational Neuroscience Group (DevCompNeuro)

The DevCompNeuro group is usually held Tuesdays at 14.00 in room 4.02, Informatics Forum. Meetings are either a discussion of a recent paper (chosen by that week's presenter) or a presentation of someone's current work.

Current Schedule

  • Next Week David Sterratt
  • The Week After Michael Hull

Upcoming Speaker Rota

  • Jim Bednar
  • Xavier Oliver Duocastella
  • Chris Ball
  • David Willshaw
  • Matthias Hennig
  • Adrianna Teriakidis
  • Matthew Down
  • Roger Zhao
  • David Sterratt
  • Michael Hull

Potentially interesting papers to discuss

  • Synaptic Activity and Activity-Dependent Competition Regulates Axon Arbor
    Maturation, Growth Arrest, and Territory in the Retinotectal Projection
    Naila Ben Fredj, Sarah Hammond, Hideo Otsuna, Chi-Bin Chien, Juan Burrone,
    and Martin P. Meyer
    J. Neurosci. 2010;30 10939-10951

  • Ksenia V. Kastanenka and Lynn T. Landmesser (2010) In Vivo Activation of Channelrhodopsin-2 Reveals That
    Normal Patterns of Spontaneous Activity Are Required for Motoneuron Guidance and Maintenance of Guidance
    Molecules. J. Neurosci. 30(31):10575-10585
  • Stacy & al (2005) "Disruption of Patterned Retinal Activity in the absense of acetylcholine". J. Neurosci. 25:9347-9357
  • "Sperry versus Hebb: Topographic mapping in Isl2/EphA3 mutant mice" Dmitry Tsigankov, Alexei Koulakov (13 Feb 2008) PDF from arXiv

  • "A unifying model for activity-dependent and activity-independent mechanisms predicts complete structure of topographic maps in ephrin-A deficient mice" Dmitry Tsigankov, Alexei Koulakov Journal of Computational Neuroscience, Vol. 21, No. 1. (2006), pp. 101-114. Link

Past Schedule

  • 26 May 09 Jude: Constraints on cortical organisation

  • 19 May 09 CANCELED University Holiday

  • 12 May 09 CANCELED for ANC Review Day

  • 05 May 09 David S., David W., Matthias: Development conference update

  • 07 April 09 David W.: How to write a grant.

  • 31 March 09 David S.: "How much information do retinal and tectal molecular gradients provide during the development of retinotectal mappings"?

  • 24 March 09 Jan: Armen Stepanyants, Luis M. Martinezb, Alex S. Ferecskóc, and Zoltán F. Kisvárdaye. (2009) The fractions of short- and long-range connections in the visual cortex.

  • 17 March 09 Jan: Randy M. Bruno,Thomas T. G. Hahn, Damian J. Wallace, Christiaan P. J. de Kock,and Bert Sakmann. (2009) Sensory Experience Alters Specific Branches of Individual Corticocortical Axons during Development

  • 10 March 09 Roger: Miyawaki et. al. Visual Image Reconstruction from Human Brain Activity using a Combination of Multiscale Local Image Decoders. Neuron (2008) vol. 60 (5) pp. 915-29.

  • 03 March 09 Adrianna: The Interscutularis Muscle Connectome. Ju Lu, Juan Carlos Tapia, Olivia L. White, Jeff W. Lichtman PLoS Biol 7(2) doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.1000032

  • 24 February 09 Sim: topographic maps on a chip (PhD work)

  • 10 February 09 Matthias: Modeling Topographic Map formation

  • 03 February 09 Guest: Marcus Kaiser

  • 27 January 09 Matt Down: Jaeger J., Irons D. & Monk N. (2008). 'Regulative feedback in pattern formation: towards a general relativistic theory of positional information'. Development 135:3175-3183.

  • 20 January 09 Adrianna Teriakidis: Increasing resolution by thin sectioning. (Work I did in Lichtman Lab).

  • 13 January 09 General Discussion: Abbott (2008) Theoretical Neuroscience Rising.

  • 16 December 08 Judith Law: Nauhaus et al. (2008) Stimulus contrast modulates functional connectivity in visual cortex

  • 9 December 08 Xavier Oliver Duocastella: Axons, 3D navigation, lots of gradients and the thalamocortical system. A plan for that.

  • 2 December 08 Chris Palmer: Lu et al. (2008) Functional organization of color domains in V1 and V2 of macaque monkey revealed by optical imaging

  • 25 November 08 Keith Godfrey: Model of retinal waves

  • 18 November 08 David Willshaw: Review of papers on the development of specific nerve connections, going back as far as possible.

  • 11 November 08 David Sterratt: Cang, Wang, Stryker & Feldheim (2008) "Roles of ephrin-as and structured activity in the development of functional maps in the superior colliculus" Journal of Neuroscience, Vol. 28, No. 43. pp. 11015-11023.

  • 28 October 2008 Jan Antolik: "Developing maps of complex cells in a computational model of V1", practice talk for SfN .

  • 14 October 2008 David Sterratt: RD Shah, MC Crair (2008) "Retinocollicular synapse maturation and plasticity are regulated by correlated retinal waves", Journal of Neuroscience, Vol. 28, pp. 292-303.

  • 30 September 2008 General discussion

  • 23 September 2008 Jan Antolik: "Modelling interaction between development and contrast gain control in V1"

  • 23 September 2008 John Davey: "Bioinformatics approaches to the genetic basis of shell chirality in snails"

  • 15 September 2008 Matthew Down: "Axon pathfinding at the developing mouse optic chiasm" and "A semi-statistical method of axon tracing using Gabor Patches"

  • 9 September 2008 John Davey: "Model of dendrite growth in barrel cortex" (with Peter Kind).

  • 2 September 2008 Judith Law: "A cat and mouse game"

  • 26 August 2008 Kateryna Gerasymova: "Modelling development of all known visual maps in V1", MSc project.

  • 26 August 2008 Sim Bamford: "Synaptic rewiring for topographic map formation", practice talk for ICANN.

  • 22 July 2008 David Willshaw

  • 30 Jun 2008 John Davey: Christopher Wills, "The Runaway Brain"

-- DavidSterratt - 31 Oct 2008

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