ANC Workshop

The ANC Workshop is currently (December 2011) on Tuesdays at 11am, usually in IF 4.31/33, when we don't have an external speaker for the ANC/DTC seminar series.


Each workshop will feature three people, two speakers and a chair/host for the day. The host has the responsibility of introducing each speaker, giving them a time warning at 20 minutes and cutting the presentation at 25 minutes then hosting 5 minutes of questions. The host should also have a question prepared to ask if no one has any other questions. If someone wants to practice a specific time of talk (shorter or longer) for a specific external event then they should inform the host in advance. The reason that we have this format is to give you practice with the format using by workshops and conference both as a speaker and a host.

What to talk about? You should speak to your supervisor for advice. Many students give a presentation about their recent research. That's fine, but you don't need to do this. You may choose to present a paper by someone else that interests you, or to give a tutorial about a research area that you like.


The workshop series will ordinarily begin in mid September (usually Week 2) and end in early December. In the spring, the workshops should begin around Week 2 of the spring semester and continue through June. There should not be workshops scheduled for July and August.

The administrators will send out a rota at the beginning of term. When the rota is sent out, you have a two week grace period to request a different date. After this grace period expires, it will be your responsibility to arrange a swap if you cannot make your assigned date.

Who Presents

The workshop rota is expected to include faculty, research staff, and ANC PhD students, second year and above. Students may be excused upon request of their supervisor. Typically this is done when students are in the writing up phase. We ordinarily excuse students who are fourth year and higher. As a special bonus, new members of staff are allocated a full hour to speak during their first workshop talk.

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